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Hello Baby


Laurie & Eddy matched in 5 weeks and said Hello Baby 3 months later!

Amy and Hello Baby were a Godsend. When my husband and I first began to think about adoption, like most people, we turned to the internet. When we began to search for information, we were immediately overwhelmed. The task of where to turn and what advice to follow seemed daunting. Adoption is such an emotional and financial commitment that requires guidance and support every step of the way—from finding a local agency to conduct our home study to choosing which agencies to contact. Once we were matched with our birth mother, the support continued all the way up until the birth of our precious baby boy and beyond. Hello Baby still has a vested interest in our family and, in fact, they have become a part of our extended family through this process. We are forever grateful to Hello Baby for helping our dreams of completing our family come true.
— Laurie & Eddy, Alabama
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Allie & Read placed in 6 months!

Hello Baby Adoption Consultants LGBTQ Adopt Domestic Help Process Service Support Best Advisor Consultant

“Amy is that very rare combination of compassionate caregiver and enthusiastic doer! She literally transformed our adoption wait from a jumbled sea of questions and anxiety to a purposeful and productive time when she was always there—not only to answer any questions we had, but also to ensure we were constantly reminded of the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish that it were possible for Amy to clone herself so that she could be the kind of friend to every hopeful adoptive mother that she has been to me. I will be eternally grateful to her.”

— Allie & Read, South Carolina

David & Jaimee said Hello Baby just 4 weeks after applying with Hello Baby.

Hello Baby Adoption Consultants LGBTQ Adopt Domestic Help Process Service Support Best Advisor Consultant

“Amy at Hello Baby was able to get us through the adoption process with our sanity intact. We were dealing with the process for years before we came across her service, and she was able to help us get back on track. She provided us with the information and support we needed to make it through the process, and I honestly believe we would not have had a successful adoption without her help. I cannot recommend her services enough!”

— David & Jaimee, California


Margaret & Kobi were supported by Hello Baby during their 3rd adoption journey.

We had a wonderful experience with Amy. [She] was incredibly professional while also being personable which we found to be very helpful during our adoption ups and downs. She was willing to share her personal experiences related to her adoption story with us. It was comforting to know that she too had been through the process as an adoptive parent. We enjoyed all of our conversations with Amy. She provided us with her thoughts on each situation which we really appreciated because we would find ourselves becoming bogged down in the minutiae. We can’t say enough good things about Amy and Hello Baby!!
— Margaret & Kobi, Connecticut



Walter & Richard matched the same day they applied to their first agency and said Hello Baby less than 3 months later.

“When Richard and I found Amy and began exploring her services, we had been completely overwhelmed by the amount of information that we had been finding online. We felt like we had an idea of which direction we should to take in our journey to adopt, but we still felt lost, disorganized, and usure. Amy gave us a firm sense that we were heading in the right direction. She helped us break down the process into small, manageable steps that allowed us to focus on the task at hand rather than to obsess over the big picture. And we can honestly say that without her, we would never have found the agency that eventually led us to the adoption of our beautiful and perfect daughter. Thank you, Amy, for everything you’ve done for us. You truly were a blessing to our lives.”

— Walter & Richard, louisiana


Stacy & Zach matched in three weeks and said Hello Baby just 5 weeks later.

My wife Stacy and I searched far and wide for an adoption consultant. From the first call with Amy we knew we were in more than capable hands! We would be first time parents after nearly four years of trying to start a family. We knew that adoption was the only way we would start a family of our own, so this was a big decision!

Every step of the way Amy has educated us, supported us, challenged us, and ultimately led us to our match. Amy’s four-phase process makes the adoption process manageable and efficient. From first conversation with Amy to match it was seven weeks. And only 11 weeks to saying “Hello Baby” to our sweet baby.

Hello Baby’s system allows you to go as fast as possible, while also ensuring that you communicate with agencies that have the best in mind for the expectant mothers and have a good track record of working with hopeful adoptive parents. We hope to work with Amy again soon!
— Stacy & Zach, North Carolina

Rich & Michelle placed in 2 months!


“In the beginning, when my wife and I decided to begin our family through adoption, it was one of the most momentous occasions in our lives. Like many who decide on adoption, we had a background of disappointments and heartache, yet we were full of anticipation for the future. We knew the love we had to share with a little one was an overwhelming desire that would only help make our lives even more complete. The raw emotion and yearning to raise a son or daughter is something you most likely can relate to if you are considering adoption.

In the end, we were fortunate to find and be matched with our daughter, who is simply the joy of our hearts and household. She puts a smile on anyone's face that meets her; not a day goes by that we aren't simply amazed at how blessed we are to have her as part of our family. Quite simply she warms our hearts.

The issue with adoption is how do you get from the beginning to the end?

That journey is full of unforgiving pitfalls that raw emotion and warm hearts are poor tools to use when making important family and financial decisions. That's why I can wholeheartedly tell you that Amy and Hello Baby can help with sound advice and will listen to you when you contact them. They have the right combination of history and experience that can provide guidance and assistance so that you make the correct decisions and avoid the many pitfalls of adoption. They will do the legwork, research and networking it takes to help you achieve your happy ending.”

— Rich & Michelle, Connecticut


Taylor & Joe matched 1 week after home study approval.

“Amy with Hello Baby was absolutely 100% everything we hoped for and more. We had many unexpected and scary situations come up during our adoption process, and not only did Amy guide us, but she made the steps clear as to how to proceed and how to stay calm with all of the chaos going on. If it weren’t for her, I know for a fact that I could not joyously sit here today with our new baby girl and say, “we made it!” She is professional, compassionate, thorough, organized, and she too is an adoptive mother! I can’t sing her praises enough. Thank God for this woman! The best investment I’ve ever made was hiring her! If there was a ten star rating, that’s what we would give her. Thank you so much Amy, we are eternally grateful.”

— Taylor & Joe, Texas


Keri & Chuck matched 2 days after applying to their first Hello Baby recommended agency.

Amy was amazing! She helped us navigate this confusing process of adoption and was a great emotional support.
— Keri & Chuck, Minnesota

Keri & Sean had their son home in less than 4 months after joining Hello Baby.


“Amy reached out to us when we were on the brink of giving up. We had floundered through for a year with a terrible agency, not knowing why we were not getting any news.  Amy was able to point us in the right direction and connect us with the right agency.  It took less than four months with Amy for us to be placed with our son!”

— Keri & Sean, pennsylvania


Kaitie & Nate was supported by Hello Baby during their 1st adoption journey.

Amy is the best! She is so supportive and knowledgeable. She checks in frequently and is easy to talk to. I can’t say enough for her service and her kindness along our journey.
— Kaitie & Nate, California